New Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO in Dubai – Price And Specification

New Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO in Dubai

Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO has arrived in Dubai, bringing with it a wave of excitement and anticipation. This powerful and luxurious SUV is a true embodiment of performance and style, offering an unmatched driving experience. In this article, we will explore the price and specifications of the Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO, highlighting its key features and why it stands out in the market.

Unveiling the Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO

Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO is a remarkable addition to the NISMO family, renowned for its motorsport-inspired enhancements and top-notch performance. With its bold and aggressive design, this SUV demands attention on the roads of Dubai. Let’s dive into the key aspects that make the Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO a force to be reckoned with.

Performance and Power

At the heart of the Nissan Patrol 2024, NISMO lies a potent 5.6-liter V8 engine, delivering an impressive 428 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque. This powerful engine is mated to a smooth and responsive seven-speed automatic transmission, ensuring seamless gear shifts and exhilarating acceleration. Whether you’re cruising along the highways or venturing off-road, the Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO is built to perform.

Dynamic Exterior Design

The Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO boasts a head-turning exterior design that combines sportiness and elegance. With its aggressive front grille, distinctive LED headlights, and muscular body lines, this SUV exudes a commanding presence on the streets of Dubai. The exclusive NISMO badging and aerodynamic enhancements further enhance its athletic appeal, making it a true standout in its class.

Luxurious Interior

Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO, and you’ll be greeted by a world of luxury and sophistication. The cabin is crafted with premium materials and attention to detail, ensuring utmost comfort and refinement. The spacious interior offers seating for up to eight passengers, making it ideal for families or those who love to embark on adventures with friends. The NISMO-brand sport seats provide excellent support during spirited drives, while the advanced technology and infotainment systems keep you connected and entertained throughout your journey.

Price of Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO in Dubai

The Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO is available in Dubai with a starting price of AED 400,000. This price is competitive considering the exceptional performance, luxury, and advanced features that come with the vehicle. For enthusiasts who value a thrilling driving experience coupled with comfort and style, the Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO is worth every penny.

Specifications of Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO

Engine5.6-liter V8
Horsepower428 HP
Torque413 lb-ft
Transmission7-speed automatic
Seating CapacityUp to 8 passengers
Fuel Efficiency (Combined)16.1 L/100 km
SuspensionFront independent double-wishbone
Rear independent double-wishbone with automatic
Safety FeaturesIntelligent Emergency Braking
Blind Spot Warning
Intelligent Cruise Control
Lane Departure Warning
And many more…
New Nissan Patrol 2024 NISMO in Dubai – Price And Specification

Nissan Patrol

  1. Design Refresh: Nissan may update the exterior and interior design to give the Patrol a more modern look, possibly taking inspiration from recent Nissan models or incorporating new design elements to distinguish it from previous iterations.
  2. Transmission: Power is delivered through an automatic transmission [Zigwheels UAE].
  3. Seating: This NISMO offers ample space with seating for eight passengers [Zigwheels UAE].
  4. Colors: You can choose from five exterior colors: Dark Blue, Metallic Gray, Black, Silver, and White [Zigwheels UAE].
  5. Other features: Expect luxurious touches inside, including a 12.3-inch infotainment screen, Alcantara steering wheel, 13-speaker Bose sound system, climate control, digital instrument cluster, powered sunroof, leather seats, and more [Zigwheels UAE].
  6. Technology Updates: Expect improvements in technology features such as infotainment systems, connectivity options, driver-assistance features, and possibly even semi-autonomous driving capabilities, depending on advancements in automotive technology at the time.
  7. Efficiency Improvements: With increasing emphasis on fuel efficiency and environmental concerns, Nissan might introduce updates to the engine or drivetrain to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.
  8. Safety Enhancements: Nissan could enhance safety features and technologies to further improve the Patrol’s safety ratings, potentially including more advanced driver-assistance systems and additional passive safety features.
  9. Performance Upgrades: While the Patrol is already known for its robust performance, Nissan may introduce upgrades to enhance power, torque, and overall driving dynamics.
  10. Interior Comfort and Space: Expect improvements in interior comfort and space, with premium materials, ergonomic designs, and ample passenger and cargo room. The new Nissan Patrol may offer enhanced seating configurations and convenience features to cater to the needs of modern drivers and passengers.
  11. Off-Road Capability: Given the Nissan Patrol’s reputation for off-road prowess, enhancements in off-road capabilities are likely. This could include improved suspension systems, traction control systems, and off-road driving modes to tackle a variety of terrains with ease.
  12. Availability: The new Nissan Patrol is expected to be available in various markets worldwide, although specific features and trim levels may vary depending on regional preferences and regulations.


Q: What engine options will be available in the 2024 Nissan Patrol?

A: While specific details about engine options are not available, customers can expect a range of powerful and efficient engine choices, possibly including gasoline, diesel, or hybrid powertrains to suit different market preferences and regulations.

Q: Will the 2024 Nissan Patrol have improved off-road capabilities?

A: Nissan typically enhances the off-road capabilities of its Patrol models with each iteration. Expect improvements in features like advanced four-wheel-drive systems, terrain management systems, and enhanced suspension technology to tackle a variety of off-road conditions

Q: Are there any changes to the seating and cargo space in the 2024 Nissan Patrol?

A: The 2024 Patrol may offer increased interior space for passengers and cargo, with possibly configurable seating arrangements to maximize versatility. Look for innovative storage solutions and comfort features to enhance the overall driving experience.

Q: Will the 2024 Nissan Patrol feature any special editions or trim levels?

A: Nissan often introduces special editions or trim levels to cater to specific customer preferences or commemorate milestones. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding special editions with unique styling cues, features, or performance enhancements.

Q: What advancements can we expect in the technology and connectivity features of the 2024 Nissan Patrol?

A: The 2024 Patrol is likely to offer cutting-edge technology and connectivity features, including advanced driver-assistance systems, intuitive infotainment systems with voice recognition, seamless smartphone integration, and over-the-air software updates to ensure the vehicle remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Q: Will the 2024 Nissan Patrol be available in different markets worldwide?

A: Nissan typically offers the Patrol in various markets globally, though specific trim levels, features, and engine options may vary depending on regional requirements and customer preferences.

Q: When will the 2024 Nissan Patrol be available for purchase?

A: While an exact release date may not be available yet, the 2024 Nissan Patrol is expected to debut in dealerships sometime before or during the 2024 model year. Keep an eye on official announcements from Nissan for more information regarding availability and launch dates.

Q: What are Competitors?

A:  The Patrol NISMO rivals other performance-oriented SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport and the Dodge Durango SRT. Consider factors like driving experience, features, and brand preference when making a choice.

Q: What is Fuel Efficiency?

A: The 5.6L V8 is known for its higher fuel consumption. The exact figures for the NISMO aren’t confirmed, but expect it to be on the thirstier side.

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