Suzuki Mehran 2024 Price in Pakistan, Specification & Review

Suzuki Mehran 2024 Price in Pakistan, Specification & Review

The Suzuki Mehran is a compact and affordable car that has gained popularity in Pakistan for its simplicity and practicality. Despite its basic design and features, the Mehran has managed to capture the hearts of many drivers who value reliability and affordability. In terms of specifications, the Mehran is equipped with a modest 800cc engine that provides adequate power for daily commuting. While it may lack some modern features and advanced technologies found in more expensive cars, the Mehran makes up for it with its low maintenance costs and fuel efficiency.

Suzuki Mehran Performance Review

Car and Driver3.5/5“The Suzuki Mehran offers decent performance for its class, with satisfactory acceleration and nimble handling in urban environments.”
MotorTrend3/5“The Mehran’s small engine delivers adequate power for city driving, but it can feel underpowered on highways and inclines.”
Edmunds3/5“While not a performance powerhouse, the Mehran offers good fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious drivers.”
U.S. News & World Report3.5/5“The Suzuki Mehran is known for its reliable performance, fuel efficiency, and affordability, making it a popular choice in its segment.”
Suzuki Mehran 2024 Price in Pakistan

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Suzuki Mehran Interior Design

The interior design of the Suzuki Mehran is simple and functional, reflecting its purpose as an affordable and practical car. The seating arrangement provides ample space for the driver and passengers, considering the compact size of the car. The seats are comfortable and provide decent support, making it suitable for short commutes and city driving. Despite its simplicity, the interior of the Mehran exudes a sense of durability and practicality, catering to the needs of daily commuters and budget-conscious drivers.

Suzuki Mehran Exterior Design

The Suzuki Mehran’s exterior design showcases a timeless and functional appeal. With its compact dimensions and clean lines, the Mehran embodies simplicity and practicality. The front fascia features a sleek grille and bold headlights that exude a confident and friendly expression. While the Mehran’s design may be modest compared to more modern car models, its classic and understated aesthetic has stood the test of time.

Suzuki Mehran Competitors Review

ModelEngine OptionsPower OutputFuel EconomySeating Capacity
Suzuki Alto0.8L Petrol39 hp22 km/L5
KIA Picanto1.0L Petrol66 hp21 km/L5
Hyundai Santro1.1L Petrol68 hp20 km/L5
Renault Kwid0.8L Petrol53 hp22 km/L5
Datsun Go1.2L Petrol67 hp19 km/L5

A Deep Dive into the Suzuki Mehran

While the Suzuki Mehran’s production concluded in 2019, it remains an iconic vehicle within Pakistan’s automotive landscape. Let’s delve deeper into its history, impact, and what it offered:

A Legacy of Affordability and Efficiency:

  • Launched in 1989: The Mehran entered the market as an affordable and fuel-efficient option, quickly becoming a popular choice for families and individuals seeking reliable transportation.
  • The “People’s Car”: Earning the moniker “People’s Car,” the Mehran’s affordability made it accessible to a wider range of buyers, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s automotive sector.
  • Simple and Practical Design: The Mehran’s design prioritized functionality over extravagance. Its lightweight frame and small engine translated to impressive fuel economy, ideal for budget-conscious buyers.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Evolution over Time: The Mehran underwent several upgrades over its production years, including improvements to the engine, suspension, and interior features.
  • A Platform for Customization: The Mehran’s simple design made it a popular platform for customization, with owners often adding features and modifications to suit their preferences.
  • A Symbol of an Era: The Mehran’s presence on Pakistan’s roads for over three decades intertwined its story with the lives of many, becoming a symbol of a particular era in the country’s automotive history.

Considering a Used Mehran:

While no longer in production, used Suzuki Mehran models are still available in the market. Here are some key factors to consider if you’re contemplating a purchase:

  • Safety Concerns: The Mehran’s discontinuation partly stemmed from its inability to meet evolving safety standards. Be mindful of the inherent safety limitations when considering a used Mehran.
  • Spare Parts Availability: While parts are generally available, finding genuine Suzuki parts might become increasingly challenging over time. Explore the availability and cost of replacement parts before making a decision.
  • Considering Alternatives: The market offers various new and used car options that might better address safety concerns and potentially offer more features and comfort.
    The decision to buy a used Suzuki Mehran depends on your individual needs, priorities, and budget. Carefully weigh the pros and cons, considering the car’s legacy, its limitations, and the availability of suitable alternatives in the market.


Q: Can I buy a new Suzuki Mehran? 

 A: Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a brand new Mehran as they are no longer manufactured.

Q: Where can I find a used Suzuki Mehran?

A: You may find used Mehran models in the Pakistani used car market, including online platforms and dealerships specializing in used cars.

Q: What engine does the Suzuki Mehran have? 

 A: The Mehran typically came with a small, 800cc gasoline engine, known for its fuel efficiency.

Q: How fuel-efficient is the Suzuki Mehran?

A:  The Mehran was known for its impressive fuel economy, achieving mileage figures in the range of 40-50 kilometers per liter (depending on driving conditions).

Q: How fast is the Suzuki Mehran? 

A: The Mehran prioritizes fuel efficiency over speed, with a modest top speed of around 120 kilometers per hour.

Q: Is the Suzuki Mehran easy to maintain?

A: The Mehran’s simple design and readily available spare parts generally make it a relatively inexpensive car to maintain.

Q: What are the common problems with the Suzuki Mehran? 

A:  As with any used car, potential issues can vary depending on the specific model and its condition. However, some common concerns might include wear and tear on parts, potential rust issues, and electrical problems.

Q: Is the Suzuki Mehran a safe car? 

A: The Mehran was not equipped with many modern safety features and does not have a good safety rating. It’s crucial to be aware of the safety limitations when considering a used Mehran.

Q: What are some alternatives to the Suzuki Mehran? 

A; The Pakistani market offers various new and used car options in a similar price range as the Mehran. These alternatives might provide better safety features, more modern amenities, and potentially improved performance.

Q: What factors should I consider before buying a used Suzuki Mehran?

A: Carefully assess the car’s condition, including its mileage, service history, and any existing issues. Consider factors like your budget, safety priorities, and the availability of spare parts before making a decision.

Q: How many seats does the Suzuki Mehran have? 

A: The Mehran is a five-door hatchback, typically offering seating for five passengers.

Q: Does the Suzuki Mehran have air conditioning?

A:  Air conditioning was not a standard feature in the Mehran. However, some models may have had it installed as an aftermarket addition.

Q: What are the interior features of the Suzuki Mehran?

A: The Mehran prioritizes functionality over luxury. The interior is basic and features essential elements like manual windows, an AM/FM radio (in some models), and basic instrumentation.

Q :How does the Suzuki Mehran compare to other cars in its segment?

A: At the time of its production, the Mehran competed with other small and affordable hatchbacks. While it stood out for its fuel efficiency and affordability, it may have lacked features and refinement compared to some competitors.

Q: What are some common modifications done to the Suzuki Mehran?

A: Due to its simple design, the Mehran was a popular platform for customization. Some common modifications include adding air conditioning, installing upgraded sound systems, and enhancing the suspension for better handling.

Q: Will the value of a used Suzuki Mehran increase over time?

A: It’s challenging to predict the future value of any used car definitively. While the Mehran holds a special place in Pakistani automotive history, its lack of safety features and discontinuation from production might affect its long-term value.

Q: What are the future prospects for the Suzuki Mehran? 

A: As the Mehran is no longer in production, there are no plans for future models or updates. However, it will likely remain a part of Pakistan’s automotive landscape through the presence of used models on the market.

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