Suzuki Bolan 2024 Price In Pakistan, Bolan comes equipped with a 796cc engine, Suzuki Bolan offers an affordable transportation solution.

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Price In Pakistan


PKR 2,050,480
12 KM/L-13 KM/L


797 cc


Fuel Type

Basic Info
Suzuki Bolan
Launched Date
Pearl Red, Silky Silver, and Solid White.

Suzuki Bolan 2024 Price In Pakistan, Speciation & Review

Suzuki Bolan, known as the carry van, has been a popular choice among individuals and businesses in Pakistan for its practicality and versatility. With its spacious interior and robust performance, the Suzuki Bolan offers a reliable and affordable transportation solution. In terms of specifications, the Bolan comes equipped with a 796cc engine, providing sufficient power for urban commuting and short-distance travel.

Suzuki Bolan Performance Review

Car and Driver3.5/5“The Suzuki Bolan delivers decent performance for its class, with sufficient power for everyday driving.”
MotorTrend3/5“While not known for its speed, the Bolan offers reliable performance and good fuel efficiency.”
Edmunds3.5/5“The Suzuki Bolan’s performance is adequate for city commuting, but may feel under powered on highways.”
U.S. News3/5“The Bolan’s performance is in line with its intended purpose, providing reliable transportation without any frills.”
Suzuki Bolan 2024 Price In Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan Interior Review

The Suzuki Bolan’s interior prioritizes functionality, spaciousness, and versatility. It provides a practical and reliable environment for passengers and cargo, making it a popular choice for those seeking an affordable and utilitarian transportation solution. While the Bolan’s interior may not feature luxurious materials or advanced technology found in higher-end vehicles, it compensates with its practicality and affordability.

Suzuki Bolan Exterior Review

The Suzuki Bolan‘s exterior design is focused on functionality and practicality. Its compact size, sliding rear doors, and robust construction make it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile vehicle that can handle the rigors of everyday use. While the Bolan’s exterior design may not include extravagant styling or attention-grabbing features, it excels in providing practicality and reliability.

Suzuki Bolan Competitors Review

ModelEngine OptionsPower OutputFuel EconomySeating Capacity
Suzuki Bolan796cc Petrol37 kW (50 hp)12-15 km/lUp to 8 passengers
Toyota Hiace2.7L Petrol, 2.5L Diesel111 kW (149 hp)9-13 km/l (Petrol)Up to 15 passengers
Honda BR-V1.5L Petrol88 kW (118 hp)11-14 km/lUp to 7 passengers
FAW X-PV1.0L Petrol37 kW (50 hp)10-13 km/lUp to 7 passengers
Hyundai H-1002.6L Diesel80 kW (107 hp)9-11 km/lUp to 3 passengers

A Deep Dive into the Suzuki Bolan

While the Suzuki Bolan’s production officially ended in 2012, it left an undeniable mark on Pakistan’s commercial transportation landscape. Let’s delve deeper into its history, impact, and the legacy it has left behind.

A Legacy of Workhorse Dependability

  • Introduced in 1982: The Bolan entered the market as a robust and practical van, catering to the needs of businesses and families seeking a reliable and spacious vehicle for cargo and passenger transport.
  • The “King of the Road”: Earning the moniker “King of the Road,” the Bolan became synonymous with durability and functionality, tackling challenging terrains and serving as a vital tool for businesses of all sizes.
  • Evolution over Time: The Bolan underwent several upgrades throughout its production years, including improvements to the engine, suspension, and cargo capacity.

Beyond Functionality

  • A Symbol of Enterprise: The Bolan’s presence on Pakistan’s roads became intertwined with the stories of countless businesses and individuals who relied on it for their livelihoods. It played a significant role in the country’s economic development and transportation infrastructure.
  • A Platform for Customization: Similar to the Mehran, the Bolan’s simple design made it popular for modifications. Owners often added features like extra seating, roof racks, and customized paint jobs to suit their specific needs.
  • A Cultural Icon: The Bolan transcended its utilitarian purpose and became a cultural icon, appearing in movies, songs, and everyday life, solidifying its place in Pakistan’s collective memory.

Understanding the Current Landscape

While the Bolan is no longer in production, its legacy lives on through the countless models still operating across the country. Here’s what to consider if you encounter a Bolan:

  • Limited Availability: Finding Bolans in good condition can be challenging as they are no longer manufactured and many have reached the end of their lifespan.
  • Spare Parts: While parts are still available in some markets, finding genuine Suzuki parts might become increasingly difficult over time. Explore the availability and cost of replacement parts before considering purchasing a used Bolan.
  • Safety Considerations: The Bolan’s design predates many modern safety features. Be mindful of the inherent safety limitations, especially when compared to newer vehicles.

Alternatives and Looking Ahead

The Pakistani auto market offers various new and used van options that might better address safety concerns, provide more modern features, and potentially offer improved performance and fuel efficiency.

The Pakistani auto market offers various new and used van options that might better address safety concerns, provide more modern features, and potentially offer improved performance and fuel efficiency.

The Bolan’s story serves as a testament to the enduring value of practicality, reliability, and the impact a vehicle can have on a nation’s economic and social landscape. While its production has ceased, its legacy continues to inspire and influence the evolution of transportation in Pakistan.


Where can I find a used Suzuki Bolan? 

 You may find used Bolan models in the Pakistani used van market, including online platforms and dealerships specializing in used commercial vehicles.

What engine does the Suzuki Bolan have?

The Bolan typically came with a reliable and durable 1.3L gasoline engine, known for its ability to handle heavy loads.

How much cargo space does the Suzuki Bolan have?

 The Bolan offered a spacious cargo area, making it suitable for various cargo transportation needs. Depending on the model, some variants offered additional seating configurations to accommodate both passengers and cargo.

What are the common modifications done to the Suzuki Bolan?

Due to its utilitarian nature, the Bolan was often modified to improve its functionality. Common modifications include adding extra seating rows, roof racks for carrying additional cargo, and modifications to the suspension for increased load-bearing capacity.

Is the Suzuki Bolan easy to maintain?

 The Bolan’s simple design and readily available spare parts (in some regions) generally make it a relatively inexpensive van to maintain. However, finding genuine Suzuki parts might become increasingly challenging over time.

What are the common problems with the Suzuki Bolan?

As with any used vehicle, potential issues can vary depending on the specific model, its age, and condition. However, some common concerns might include wear and tear on parts, potential rust issues, and electrical problems.

Is the Suzuki Bolan a safe car?

The Bolan was not equipped with many modern safety features and did not have a good safety rating. It’s crucial to be aware of the safety limitations, especially when compared to newer vehicles, and prioritize defensive driving practices when operating a used Bolan.

What are some alternatives to the Suzuki Bolan?

The Pakistani market offers various new and used van options in a similar size and price range as the Bolan. These alternatives might provide better safety features, more modern amenities, potentially improved fuel efficiency, and potentially comply with stricter emission regulations in some regions.

What factors should I consider before buying a used Suzuki Bolan?

 Carefully assess the van’s condition, including its mileage, service history, any existing issues, and its suitability for your intended use. Consider factors like your budget, safety priorities, and the availability of spare parts before making a decision.

Engine Type
3 cylinders OHC 6 Valves
Engine Power
797 cc
62 Nm
Top Speed
120 KM/H
Acceleration Time (0-100 Kmph)
50-60 kmph
Horse Power
37 hp
796 cc
Transmission Type
Drive Type
Front-Wheel Drive
Euro Status
Euro ll
Front Suspensions
Back Suspensions
Leaf Spring
Dimensions & Weight
Kerb Weight
550 KG
3255 mm
1395 mm
1845 mm
Width including Mirrors
1495 mm
Tyre Size
Wheel Size
Brake System
Rear Brake
Front Brake
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
36 L
Mileage (KM/LITER)
12 KM/L-13 KM/L
Mileage In City
12 KM/L
Mileage On Highway
13 KM/L
Boot Space
0 L
Ground Clearance
140 mm
5 Seats
Available Colors
Pearl Red, Silky Silver, and Solid White.
Power Steering
Power Windows
Air Conditioner
Central Locking
AntiLock Braking System
Safety Features
Anti-Lock Braking
Brake Assist
Central Locking
Power Door Locks
Child Safety Locks
Rear Seat Belts
Seat Belt Warning
Door Ajar Warning
Adjustable Seats
Vehicle Stability Control System
Crash Sensor
Engine Check Warning
Rear Camera
Anti-Theft Device
USB & Auxiliary Input
Bluetooth Connectivity
Touch Screen
Audio System Remote Control
Speakers Front & Back
Comfort & Convenience Features
Adjustable Steering Column
Height Adjustable Driving Seat
Electric Adjustable Seats
Electric Folding Rear View Mirror
Automatic Climate Control
Low Fuel Warning Light
Rear Reading Lamp
Parking Sensors
Bottle Holder
Coffee Holder
Car Year Price
Suzuki Bolan
PKR 2,050,480
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What is the price of Suzuki Bolan 2024 in Pakistan?
the price of Suzuki Bolan is PKR 2,050,480
What is the mileage/fuel average of Suzuki Bolan 2024?
The Fuel Average of Suzuki Bolan 2024 is 12 – 13 KM/L
What is the top speed of Suzuki Bolan?
The top speed of Suzuki Bolan is 120 KM/H.
What are the variants of Suzuki Bolan?
There are 2 variants of Suzuki Bolan which are Cargo Van Euro ll, VX Euro II.
Are the Bolan Car parts easily available in Pakistan?
Yes the Bolan Car parts are available in Pakistan?
What is the seating capacity of the Suzuki Bolan?
The Suzuki Bolan has a seating capacity of up to 8 passengers, including the driver.

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